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A courier that can not only scale with your growing last-mile needs, but do so without compromising visibility or quality of service.

This will give you and your customers...


Faster Deliveries




Lower Prices


How we work

With Envoi as your delivery provider, you not only get guaranteed same day delivery, but you also get a courier who can scale with you day by day and season by season as your order volume fluctuates.

We update you in real-time so you have full visibility over your packages while they are on the road. As do your customers.

Through a combination of operational efficiency, sophisticated tech, and a refusal to compromise on quality, we make this a viable option for you.


How can you make this possible with your operations?


Envoi will integrate into your OMS, so that you can send us orders in real-time as they are placed by your ecommerce customers.


Once your store or warehouse staff has prepared the orders for us, we’ll pick them up at the agreed-upon cut off time.


We’ll bring the packages to our local consolidation facility in the city. This means that your packages are picked up, processed, and delivered within the city itself. Our micro consolidation centres allow us to drive down our prices to you, without compromising on speed.


This is where the magic happens. Our algorithms get to work, and figure out how to divide the consolidated packages from all of our retail partners in that city between our available drivers, and create the optimal route for each driver.

Delivery Process

Because of that tech, we know exactly when each package is supposed to be delivered that day. So when the drivers pick up their assigned packages, we’re able to tell your customers precisely when to expect their deliveries. Your customers are kept in the loop throughout the delivery process, and can communicate directly with the driver in real time. See how the Delivery Process Works.

Envoi Parcel Dashboard

This also means we’re able to give your staff that same visibility. Through the Parcel Dashboard, you can view the progress of ongoing orders, add missing information to orders, look up historical orders, and schedule new orders as well. Resolving support tickets has never been easier! See how the Parcel Dashboard works.


Envoi’s use of automation to proactively let the customer know when to expect their package is the biggest differentiator that should be more widely used.

John Thompson, Director of IT


We are not just your delivery provider, we are also your brand ambassadors.

We are your Envoi

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