Our Story

What we do

Envoi combines elegant technologies with human empathy to empower hundreds of thousands of people with a shipping experience that gives them unparalleled transparency, predictability, and peace of mind.

Our vision is to put our stamp on every package in the world.


Technology helps efficiency, but people make the experience.

Who we are

None of Envoi’s founders had built a courier company before, so we had to start from the first principles. We recognized the shortcomings of the courier industry and found windows of opportunity to introduce change.

Our early days in 2017 consisted of us driving around in a used Honda Civic, delivering pharmacy prescriptions to geriatric patients in a small town of fewer than 100,000 people in Ontario.

We used a stopwatch to measure how long it took to park the car, get into a condo building, go upstairs, deliver the package, get a signature, and come back down to leave for the next stop.

Today, Envoi’s operations span coast to coast, and through a powerful combination of proprietary software, operational efficiency, and entrepreneurial hustle, we successfully pick up and deliver thousands of packages every day. However, the scrappiness and resilience instilled in the founders in those early days have only grown and interwoven into every facet of our company.

Fall 2018. The trusty Honda, belonging to one of our founders. It took some trial and error to see what packages we could and could not fit!

Our humble beginnings may have laid the foundation, but it’s a rockstar team that will elevate us to new heights.

Join our team

If you like challenging the status quo, finding creative solutions, and taking on new experiences, Envoi could be a fit for you. We care about culture fit, but more specifically- we care about your attitude. Stand out by demonstrating your drive and values rather than your degree and past titles.

Don’t see a position posted with your skillset but are you are interested in working with the Envoi team? We’d still like to hear from you. Send us your resume and tell us why you’d like to work with us:


If you’re an aspiring driver, visit our driver’s page.


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Our Values

Envoi’s services put people first. We do the same with our team.

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Having the capacity for empathy in yourself, the decisions you make, and in every situation you face is what Envoi looks for in its team.


When paired with empathy, curiosity helps us become a more competent and resilient team. Questioning the status quo is what the founders practiced when developing Envoi, so you should too.

Drive for Excellence

Perfection is impossible, but a drive for excellence means “good enough” is not in your vocabulary. Help drive results with a strong work ethic and innovative mindset.

Discover a courier who practices what they preach


How we give back

Actions speak louder than words, which is why we have pledged to the SickKids Foundation. We chose SickKids because it’s a movement that affects many people, including our staff…

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In our eyes, the value of supporting others is priceless.