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Frequently asked questions

We are a same day delivery courier. Which means that we commit to delivering your packages to your customers the same day we pick them up from your store or fulfillment center. However, you can choose how often you want us to come pick up: every day, every other week, twice a week, etc. You’re in control of fulfilment, we just handle the delivery when we get the packages.

Generally speaking, we pick up from your store or fulfillment center in the morning before 11am local time, in order to be able to deliver the packages the same day.

Learn more about how we’re able to do what we do through a combination of sophisticated algorithms and operational efficiency.

We strive to have all our deliveries completed by 9pm at the latest. There are some days during the peak seasons (like Black Friday or Boxing Day) where deliveries may go until later, but in the vast majority of cases, you won’t find us knocking on people’s doors at 11pm!

Our operating days are Monday to Saturday. We often move to a 7-day operating schedule during the peak season of November and December.

Our prices remain the same for weekend deliveries.

We’re currently operating in several provinces in Canada: Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Quebec, with Alberta, British Columbia and the West Coast in our sights by the end of 2021.

However, the flexibility of Envoi’s delivery infrastructure means that if you want us to be in a city in North America that you are fulfilling from, we can easily start operating there for you within weeks. So don’t hesitate to reach out even if you don’t see your location above!

Your price per package depends on the number of packages we pick up from you every day in each service area. The more packages you give us every day, the lower your price goes, for as low as $7 per package for same day delivery.

Your price does NOT depend upon the size and weight of your packages. As long as the packages fall under our capacity limits, we charge a flat rate according to your daily counts.

Fuel surcharges are included in our prices. We also don’t zone our delivery areas. The rate you qualify for is the rate you get; we are not fans of hidden fees or price hikes.

The majority of our retail partners don’t ship anything bigger than 12” x 12” x 12”, or heavier than 25 lbs. If your average order is larger or heavier than this, then you may be eligible for a custom Heavy Parcel Rate. Get in touch to see if you qualify.

We are able to deliver most standard retail items: apparel, shoes, jewellery, cosmetics, OTC health supplements, small appliances, toiletries, CPG, etc.

We are also able to deliver prescription medication.

We cannot deliver heavy or bulky items, like furniture or large consumer electronics. We are also unable to deliver perishable or controlled items like alcohol, cannabis, groceries, or food.

Yes, we do. And we don’t need your customers to print a return label either. Take a look at how our returns process works.

Yes, we do. And we don’t need your customers to print a return label either.

Take a look about how our verifiable audit trail for every package can help you reduce your shipping claims costs.

Meet the Envoi Retailer Dashboard. It’s your command center from where you and your staff can have instant visibility over the orders you ship with Envoi. It’s where you can view ongoing deliveries in real time, update shipping information about an order, view historical orders, resolve service tickets quickly and efficiently, create new orders, and extract reports to drive business decisions.

Depending on the backend infrastructure you have in place on your ecommerce site and fulfilment centres, you can be set up to receive Envoi’s delivery services in one of three simple ways.

We’re in the process of obtaining SOC-2 compliance, and are continually updating our data handling protocols to ensure we’re implementing best practices across the board when it comes to our customers’ data and privacy.


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