Ease the frustration of returns for you and your customers.


The returns problem for retailers

Returns are important for customer satisfaction, but if they are too difficult to process, you might lose them, defeating the purpose of the policy.

A final sale policy is an easy option, but not a competitive one. Customers are not supported, and building rapport with your audience is difficult.

"Change your mind" is a priceless choice for consumers because it gives them emotional security when investing in a brand... but it can also be costly.

Your current returns process

With e-commerce increasing in popularity, the number of returns will grow with it. Online shoppers do not have the opportunity to see the product first-hand, so if it did not meet expectations or arrived damaged, they are going to want to return it.

You, the retailer, traditionally fund returns, and it's up to the customer to ship it back to you so you can check the inventory and issue a refund.

This is inconvenient for both of you.

The customer must print a label, stand in line to drop it off at their nearest post office, and then wait days or weeks for a refund.

Issues with this process:

“Print a Label”?

Who has a printer these days?

No one wants to stand in line for a return

(especially after ordering online)

The customer's refund is delayed

until the package is safely in your warehouse and verified that it meets return requirements.

When a customer brings an online purchase to a store

it’s a pain for the retailer as it was not accounted for in the store’s inventory.


The list goes on. Even with a successful return, it still costs you money and your customer time.

The solution you both deserve

Save yourself and your customer the trouble with Envoi

Have a seamless return process using our technology.

We don't require printing anything

The customer makes a return request to Envoi directly or through you, the retailer

Envoi takes care of the pickup and drop-off just like our deliveries

Perks for the customer


Faster Deliveries


Customer satisfaction


55% increased chance of returning

The returns experience

Meet the players:


Your customers are what your returns expeirence is all about.


The ones who get packages there and back - seamlessly.


Here’s where you come in. Envoi makes sure your packages return to your stores with ease.


Before the Return


Envoi sends an email to the recipient 24 hours post-delivery to ask if the recipient is satisfied with their order. This email gives the recipient an option to return the item to the retailer if unsatisfied (wrong size, not the right product, doesn’t meet their needs etc.). When the recipient chooses to return the product, they are then able to select a contactless-return by providing Envoi with a timeframe and pick-up instructions for the same spot they had the item delivered.


During the Return


The driver has the return added to their route for the day. The driver will receive pick up instructions (the same way as delivery) and are to go to the same spot the package was delivered. Once the driver picks up the package, they must take a picture and send it to the recipient as proof of pick-up. The driver then takes the package back to the retailer.


After the Return


Retailers have the package on-hand, much more quickly than a traditional courier, giving them an opportunity to process the inventory, put it back on their shelves and refund the customer within 1-2 business days of the original delivery.

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Frequently asked questions

It depends on the retailer you ordered from since each company has its policies on refunds. We are quite literally just the messenger who gets the item you want to be returned from you to them as quickly as possible. We'd recommend reaching out to the retailer's customer support team two days after picking up the item from you to see if they have processed it back into their system yet and can issue your refund.

We'll give you multiple heads up, don't worry! When you first submit a return request, you'll be sent a confirmation email letting you know we'll be dropping by in the next couple of days. On the day we are coming, we'll send you another email in the morning, giving you a time window within which to expect us. Then, when the driver is closer to you, we'll send you another email with a specific down-to-the-minute ETA, so you know exactly when we're going to be there.

Yes, through the confirmation emails we send you. There will be a button to confirm or change your address details, and if you click on that, it'll allow you to leave any specific instructions you may have for the driver to follow when coming to pick up your package.

The driver will also call or text you when they get to your address, so keep an eye out for that!

Sure thing! Give us a shout at, and we'll get back to you to discuss your specific requirements.


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