Our commitment to you


One of the best things about working with the Envoi team isn't just that they care about continuously improving their solutions to existing problems, but that they are proactive about uncovering and solving future challenges we may face.

Jan Kaplan, Owner


Traditional couriers are not built for the shift to omnichannel infrastructures that you’re working to optimize.

They know your process but you don’t know theirs. We change that relationship, so that you have full visibility over your deliveries.

Envoi provides secure and robust integration that enables same-day delivery for your orders and helps you make data-driven decisions to enhance your processes and move with customer demands.


To help build loyalty with your customers, here is our commitment to you:


No unexpected cancellations. If we say we'll pick up from you on a given day, we'll pick up.


No random price hikes. We will stick to the price we agree upon for the length of our contract, whether it's July or December.


Complete visibility. You will know where each package you give us is at any given time. So will your customers.


24-hour ticket resolution. We promise you, your customers will love us. The few that do reach out will come to us before they come to you, reducing the resources needed to handle tickets on your end. We have a mandate to resolve every ticket within 24 hours of getting it.

What happened for us when the stores closed [during the COVID-19 pandemic] is that our business moved online and to curbside… we saw about a 10x increase in orders over the year. With this huge volume, it was hard to get these orders to customers. We were looking for partners who could get these orders to our customers and all of the regular shipping carriers became overwhelmed with the increase of companies moving to online platforms.

John Thompson, Director of IT


'Enter Envoi. Because of you guys, we were able to meet the commitments we'd made to our customers.'


A successful delivery is a fulfilled promise.

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