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Envoi is a same day package delivery service made possible by drivers like you.

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*Based on an hourly rate of $20/hr


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Packages, not people

Never worry about an unruly passenger again. It’s just you, the road, and your packages.

Get paid weekly

Our drivers get paid every Friday based on the previous week’s work.

Set your own schedule

Take a day off. Work seven days a week. Your car, your rules.

From our team

Bela Sodha

Driver and sorter since Nov. 2019

"I've never been the 9-to-5 kind of person, so I enjoy the hours and variation in my work."

Manjinder Singh

Warehouse Manager and driver since 2018

"It's a friendly environment, and the management team is very supportive."


What your day looks like as an Envoi driver?

Our drivers arrive at their designated pickup location around 12:00pm on their scheduled days, and load their package bundles into their cars. Once loaded, drivers start their route that has already been optimized within the Envoi driver app. Most drivers finish their route between 5:00pm - 7:00pm near their preferred end location.

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Confirm your schedule

Our mobile app makes it easy to set your availability.

Pick up your packages

Collect your package bundle from our warehouse for your scheduled shift.

Follow your optimized route

Our app does the heavy lifting. Simply follow the route provided thorugh the app.

Frequently asked questions

You will be paid a flat rate per hour, between $18-20 per hour, depending on the cost of living in your city. Pay is determined each day by the number of hours allocated to you for your route that day, and you will only be paid for routes that have been completed fully.

Absolutely! $100 is based on an hourly rate of $20/h and an average 5 hour route. Routes are almost always longer than 5 hours, and you can do multiple routes in a single day too.

Our drivers arrive at their designated pick up location at the specified time to collect their day's packages and load up their cars. Once loaded, drivers start their route that has already been optimized within the Envoi driver app. Routes can have stops for deliveries, as well as pickups that customers who want to return their purchases have scheduled. Most drivers finish their route between 5:00pm - 7:00pm near their preferred end location.

Yes, we may require you to provide a criminal background check, at our discretion. When signing up, you will also be asked to provide a copy of your vehicle registration information, a valid driver's license, and vehicle insurance information.

Most packages are smaller than 12"x12"x12", and weigh less than 10 lbs. You will not be asked to deliver anything that is perishable (like hot food), or comprises hazardous materials. The majority of your deliveries will be things people typically buy in a mall: shoes, clothes, accessories, etc.

We aim to give every driver their preferred region within the city, though this is not always possible.

A typical route takes 5-7 hours, and the app will tell you the expected time that that day's route requires at the beginning of the day. Once you are assigned a route, you are expected to complete it fully.

We typically operate Monday to Saturday and you can set your availabilty to as many or as few days in the week as you like.

Depending on your city and Envoi's retailer partner, your Operations Associate will let you know where and when to pick up your packages from for the day. All pick ups will typically happen by 4pm at the latest.


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Envoi Driver App

The Envoi Driver App is your one stop portal to receive routes every day, record your progress as you complete each stop on a route, view past routes, and see how much you are getting paid.


Your car, your rules.

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